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Easy Diorama

IMG_5092┬áHere’s a quick project for crafters young and old – a simple 4-sided diorama, ready to be filled with your scenes of choice. Start out by drawing a large circle on a piece of 12″x12″ card stock (I drew around a dinner plate). Then do the same of 3 more pieces of card stock, so that you have 4 in total.

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Father’s Day Coasters

IMG_2687I’m going to bet you have some scraps of fabric needing to be used up for small projects. I’m also certain you’re starting to thinking about Father’s Day (coming up on June 15). Here’s a win-win project that uses just a small amount of fabric and a little bit of time.

I used two different prints and made my coasters reversible. Retro glasses on one side and Pac Man (or Pac Men?) on the other.

Fabric scraps
Pellon Fusible Fleece
Pellon Vinyl Fuse
Fuse Creativity System and Circle Medium Die
Sewing machine and thread
Teflon machine foot, suitable for sewing vinyls

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Vintage posters into cushions

You may already be able to tell that I have a love of cushions. Not only are they are great way to easily change the look and feel of a piece of furniture or room, they are a simple sew and each one can be made so differently that it’s very easy to come up with a unique item. Using different fabrics and textures can really help make a statement; consider a huge fluffy faux fur cushion to snuggle up to during the colder months, or a fine, delicately embroidered piece placed on an occasional chair (to be admired more than snuggled…)


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Black and white – cushion tutorial

I don’t know about you, but black and white is making me really happy at the moment. Perhaps it’s because it’s so bold and full of confidence…so ‘all or nothing’. I still love splashes of color – in my home, my work and my wardrobe – but black and white is just so simple and straightforward. What do you think?

If you’re loving it as much as I am, I made a Black and White Pinterest board you might like to check out.

I’ve had a large chevron rug in my dining room for a while now, plus some white chairs by the patio doors, so I felt it was time to up and black and white levels a touch more with a set of new cushions.


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