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I have been wanting to give my craft room a makeover ever since we moved into our house over a year ago. With wall color we inherited from previous owners and lack of well-planned storage and organization, my room was getting out of control ~ fast! It had become an uninspiring environment, which was frustrating because I spend so much time in here working.sewing room CollageAs well as showing you some before and after photos, I thought I’d give you a few tips on what I learned during the process.

~ I found it hard to justify the time, expense and energy on giving my room a makeover. After all out of the four of us in the household, I’d be the only person in my family to benefit from it. It made me feel selfish for wanting to put effort into making this room work, when there are other areas of the house that also need to be looked at. HOWEVER, this room really didn’t take long to do (a weekend), we spent only a little money (we already had paint in the garage – the biggest expense was the pegboard) and in the end, we have all benefitted from it. The kids helped paint the walls, they’re able to craft in here with me on a little side table and everyone can find the tools they need if they want to borrow something (as long as they put it back in its correct place after!!)IMG_7461IMG_7489~ I had fallen into a trap of trying to keep my tools and supplies close at hand. In my before photo, you’ll notice drawers underneath my work table which held all my scissors, sewing tools, punches etc. It was great that I could lay my hands on whatever I needed without getting up and walking across the room, BUT what I was actually doing was penning myself in to one corner of a reasonable size room, not making the most of the space I had available. It was claustrophobic to say the least. I couldn’t even get my legs under my worktable because the drawers were in the way!IMG_7473~ Creatively speaking, I like a nice clear space in which to work. I don’t like clutter and I thought that meant storing everything out of sight. Which basically meant that any time I needed a particular pair of scissors or cut of fabric, I’d have to rummage around in drawers until I found it. The pegboard has been a revelation! It still looks clean, neat and simple, but I can access my tools MUCH more easily and it frees up space in the drawers to spread things out a bit so that I can find things much more easily than before.IMG_7493IMG_7483~ Finally, I think curtains make or break a room! I changed mine in here for some bold black and white ones I got at Ikea. Also COLOR is your friend – don’t be afraid of it! I’ve tried to embrace splashes of color by celebrating my tools and supplies – even if the walls are white and pale green.IMG_7477IMG_7501IMG_7502For many more craft room ideas, you can follow our Pinterest board. No matter how big or small your dedicated space, there are some great ideas on how to make it work for you. I hope you’ve enjoyed my little craft room tour!



10 thoughts on “Studio Makeover

  1. Love you room!!!! Those birds on a wire/string are adorable!!! I also love the robin blue color. I really need to go clean my craft area now…. Atleast I’m inspired to clean now!

    1. Thanks Smitha! Tegenn and I made those birds on the Fuse. We had a lot of fun together. Your girls could ‘help’ you too! I’m sure they would love it!

  2. Lovely.
    I too currently have everything in draws. Only because it keeps everything out of sight… As my craft space is in the corner of the kitchen.

    Soon i will have the space of a single bedroom. Yipee! It will be all mine! I can spread out and have open shelves… And have stuff perpantly set up instead of put away after every session of crafting. Cant wait.

    1. You will love your new space when you get it! I’m excited for you Debra! You have so many great storage ideas that I’m sure you’ll be settled, organized and crafting in no time!

  3. Wow that is one neat space and I would love to have that much room but I do not think that is possible in this house or at this time! I have to much clutter!

  4. I am hoping to redo my crafty space this weekend. I have outgrown the entire family room–wall to wall and floor to ceiling. So, I’m taking over a bedroom, too! We got the bed and an armoire out this week. Now I will have two rooms! What? Me spoiled? No, just loved! No matter how many rooms, I will never have a space that looks as neat and tidy as yours! WTG!

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