Rock, Paper, Scissors – Challenge Round up

Rock Paper Scissors collage

Earlier this week I announced the winner of our Rock, Paper, Scissors challenge on our FB page, but I also wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate everyone who took part, by showing you their fantastic creations. I love how diverse the entries are: jewelry making, paper crafts, sewing projects… Not to mention the stories behind the projects.

I particularly love the story behind Jan V. A’s slippers (top row, third photo). She says “I made these slippers last night. They are a copy of a pair made by a ‘Grandma’ in our family from an old WWII pattern from a booklet issued by the Board of Trade, called Mrs Sew and Sew, meant to help Americans reuse, patch, mend and make-do during the war. I made a paper pattern using the original slippers and upgraded the materials using denim from a pair of old jeans and duck curtain remnants for the soles”.

Photos and project credit. (From top to bottom, left to right).

Huck towel with Swedish weave by Kathy C.
50th birthday card by Stasia S.
Wartime slippers by Jan V.A.
Tea cozy by Kay S.
Layout of a day at the nature center by Jennifer B.
Baby quilt, crib sheets and diaper stacker by Rhea C.
Storage bag made from repurposed shower curtain by Amanda W.
Birthday card with surprise interior by Gramma Suzi
Charm, beads and container by Joy H.
Wool felt Valentine Pin by Karen N.
Down duvet and feather pillows by JR W.

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    1. Thanks Pam. You’re slippers reallly captured my interest. As much as I’m grateful not to have to suffer life in wartime, the spirit of ‘make, do, mend and reuse’ really appeals to me and I like to think I would have been sewing up things like this had I been living at that time. Thank you for your inspiration and for entering!

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