Old clipboard makeover

IMG_3162If you follow our Facebook page, you’ll have seen last week that I posted a photo of an old clipboard that my son had brought home from school for me. He was so excited to give it to me so that I could have the opportunity to give it a makeover, but I must admit I felt a little uninspired when I saw it! I didn’t let him know that however, and instead I asked for some advice on how I should tackle the project. As ever, you Fiskateers were generous with your responses and ideas! Here’s a round up of some suggestions that were made :

-Chalkboard paint
– Mod Podge with photos
– Stickers
– Decorate with paper and flowers
– Cover with fabric
– Add magnets and hang on the fridge
– Ink stamps and ribbons
– Decorate with pictures from magazines and other ephemera

I took your ideas on board and that afternoon, I pulled out some papers and supplies and got to work. I LOVED the idea of adding some photos, and since I had a couple of photos kicking around of my son from over the years, I decided to add them too. IMG_3096I used paper and sticker embellishments from the gorgeous Grace Collection by Authentique.  The bright, yet vintage-y feel to the paper collection seemed fitting for this weather-worn and tired looking clipboard.

I started out by making a template of the clipboard using brown paper. I was able to crease/finger press the brown paper around the edges of the metal clip to give me the perfect shape to cut around. I used this brown paper template to cut my Authentique cardstock to shape and size.IMG_3109I then Mod Podged the cardstock to the clipboard and added the sticker details and embellishments. I even decided to cover the metal clip and I’m glad I did because it really uplifted the whole thing.clipboard Collage.jpgAnd as I mentioned, I really wanted to add some photos after a few people suggested it on the Facebook page. Our boy turns 10 at the end of this week, so it seemed like perfect opportunity to remember how little he used to be, by adding these photos of him.IMG_3173And….job done! I love it! I know some of you mentioned you’ve done a clipboard makeover before. If you have it blogged somewhere, please feel free to link to it in the comments section – I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love to see it.






2 thoughts on “Old clipboard makeover

  1. It is adorable Emma I love the paper it works so well with the clipboard and I think I might be inspired to make one. One of theses days when I find some time and a clipboard because I am sure that my DH has some at work that he is saving for I will use it someday at work thing! :0) Not if I use it first.

    1. Oh Michelle, I can totally see you making something like this, only yours will be much better than mine! A clipboard makeover sounds right up your street, so I hope you find an old one of DH’s.

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