New Year’s Eve Crackers

IMG_6197Crackers are a quintessential British Christmas tradition – no Christmas dinner would be complete without a cracker laid at each person’s place setting. They are pulled open by crossing arms around the table and each person holding an end of a cracker in each hand. Everyone pulls at the same time and snap! they explode open to reveal a tissue paper hat (typically too big for children – almost everyone has a toddler photo of themselves in an oversize Christmas hat, falling down over one eye), a joke and a toy. We wear the hats for the duration of the Christmas dinner without shame or embarrassment, even though to the outsider they might look a little ridiculous…

For your entertainment, here’s a picture of me circa 1979 – I’m the baby in the highchair! It’s ok, feel free to giggle!


Now that I’m a US resident, crackers are a little harder to come by, but I see them popping up more and more frequently in specialty stores during the holidays. You can also purchase kits and make your own, which is what I have done. New Year’s Crakers are not typical, but why not?! They are so fun and any crafter would love the opportunity to create a personalized party piece.

I made these up following these directions and cut my own tissue paper hats. I printed out kid-friendly jokes on my label printer and instead of a toy I added a couple of dollars.IMG_6180

I then added my own little embellishment made by cutting wire with my 6″ Amplify Mixed Media Shears and with a hot glue gun adhered some sparkly stars.IMG_6160


To finish, I added my sentiment, again typed and printed on my label printer.IMG_6195

However you celebrate the New Year, I really hope it goes with a bang! Happy New Year to you all!

(Oh and if you want to know why a t-rex can’t clap…it’s becuase it’s extinct!!)



6 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Crackers

  1. Happy New Year Emma! The 31st is my DH Birthday so that is how we celebrate the day! He always says everyone parties on his Birthday!

    That is one adorable baby in the highchair what a priceless picture! I am sure your kids are going to love doing those crackers on New Year!

    Here is to a year full of crafting, family and fun!

  2. What a great for your husband to be celebrating his birthday! I will certainly drink a toast to him!

    Happy new year to you all!

  3. Thank you Emma for your toast and that your T-Rex joke made my DH laugh tonight!n I am the worse joke teller ever!

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