Last Minute Christmas Wreath Gift Bag Topper


Hopefully I’m not the only one with a long list of last minute projects to get done before THE BIG DAY???

Here’s a quick gift bag topper idea that I came up with and thought I’d share. I love it, and wish I had time to make more, but there’s lots of things of that to-do list that really need my attention…..

What you’ll need : 

6″ Amplify Mixed Media Shears

Petal by Petal Squeeze Punch L

Bow squeeze punch (the one I used was a Fiskars seasonal punch from 2012)

Craft wire

Green cardstock

Tacky glue

Baker’s twine

1. Cut a length of wire using your Amplify Shears and wrap it into a circular shape. It helps to wrap it around a cylinder (such as a bottle of glue) to get a correct and even shape.IMG_6122

2. Cut multiple leaf shapes using only the smallest petal on the Petal by Petal squeeze punch.IMG_6136

3. Fold the petals in half longwise and add glue along the fold.IMG_6133

4. Carefully stick the leaves individually around the wire circle, overlapping for a layerd effect.IMG_6134

5. Tie to your package, parcel or gift with a small length of baker’s twine to finish.IMG_6148

What’s on your last-minute must-do list??



2 thoughts on “Last Minute Christmas Wreath Gift Bag Topper

  1. Merry Christmas Emma!

    I love the wreath idea so cute and I am going to save it and use it for next year. I think I have all my gifts but two given out and since I have not come up with an idea for the last two I think they are getting gift cards. Just friends from the mall so that will work out just great! So I have two gift card holders to make, fudge, a french toast bake for Christmas morning to fix tomorrow and I shall be done because then it will be Christmas eve and what is not ready will be in the do not worry about it list!

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