Knitted cardigan

Tegs1First of all, I must admit that I did not knit this cardigan! I merely provided the model :o)

It was in fact, my very talented mother in law who knitted this while she was staying with us over the holidays. She’s the kind of knitter who can cook dinner, play ‘shops’ with one grandchild, listen to another grandchild play the piano and all the while her fingers are clicking her knitting needles as fast as lightening, and she’s somehow managing to keep count of her stitches in her head. I honestly don’t know how she does it, but she does, and the proof is right there in this photo.

She used this pattern, which is absolutely gorgeous. As a parent, I’m always trying to keep my kids warm (even here in sunny CA) and this cardigan is perfect for layering over long sleeves tees. There’s a two button opening, which gives the cardigan a little ‘swing’ and the way it is slightly open front design means that she’s not overheating either.

The pretty yoke detail is lovely too. It is knitted in a long strip then sewn to the body around the neck.

Now, it’s my new year’s resolution to knit more but with a mother in law who can produce things like this, there’s little incentive for me to work at it! Do you have an amazing knitter in your life too?



2 thoughts on “Knitted cardigan

  1. There are no knitters in my life! But if you want to lend me your Mother In Law I would no say no. What a blessing to have her that cardigan. I tried to learn to knit form my Grandma but I could never understand the patterns or keep the numbers right if you paid me, which you would not because I was really bad at knitting.

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