Indulgent sewing – Celestial Pullover

This week I’ve been indulging myself and allowing time to sew some extra projects – just because. I decided to make a start with the Celestial Pullover by Figgys. You may remember that I took part in the Figgy’s Heavenly Collection Pattern tour a while back. This pullover pattern is part of that very same collection but I hadn’t had a chance to sew it up until now.

I used sweatshirt fabric with very little stretch, so I opted for this round neckline finished with bias tape, instead of the cowl that the pattern calls for.Tegs1 Collage

I love the hi-low hem and short sleeves combo and Tegenn loves the pockets! In case you’re in any doubt, pockets in kids’ clothes is always a good thing. Even when it comes to laundry day and I’m the one emptying out all their gathered treasures they’ve stowed away in there for safe keeping – it’s great insight into their little minds.IMG_9443 I appliqued some flowers cut from felt using the Fuse mini die. For the flower centers, I cut yellow circles with scissors. After temporarily adhering them to the shirt front with spray fabric adhesive, I sewed them on with a blanket stitch on my machine. I thought I had positioned the flowers in a random formation, but both the kids think they look like they’re in a heart shape! What do you think??!?IMG_9425


2 thoughts on “Indulgent sewing – Celestial Pullover

  1. She looks so cute! I wish I could find those dies. No one seems to be carrying them anymore.

  2. catching up here I think those kids are right they do look like a heart and it was made with love so it works out great in my opinion! Pockets are important place for treasures!

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