Father’s Day Coasters

IMG_2687I’m going to bet you have some scraps of fabric needing to be used up for small projects. I’m also certain you’re starting to thinking about Father’s Day (coming up on June 15). Here’s a win-win project that uses just a small amount of fabric and a little bit of time.

I used two different prints and made my coasters reversible. Retro glasses on one side and Pac Man (or Pac Men?) on the other.

Fabric scraps
Pellon Fusible Fleece
Pellon Vinyl Fuse
Fuse Creativity System and Circle Medium Die
Sewing machine and thread
Teflon machine foot, suitable for sewing vinyls

1. Following manufacturer’s directions, apply the Fusible Fleece to the back of your fabric scraps. This will give your coasters a nice thickness and will protect your surfaces.IMG_2653

2. Next, apply the Vinyl Fuse to the right side of your fabric pieces. This will prevent condensation from cold glasses seeping through onto your furniture AND give a really nice, professional finish to your coasters. You’ll also be able to wipe them down to keep them clean.IMG_2663

3. Position your fabric scraps in the Fuse die and cut circles of fabric. You could also use a circle template and a great pair of scissors,¬†if you don’t have a Fuse.IMG_2665

4. Layer two fabric circles together, with fleece sides facing and sew around the entire perimeter. I used a blanket stitch and it’s also important to mention you’ll need a teflon machine foot suitable for sewing vinyls.IMG_2668

These coasters are so easy and yet so fun. Though I made this set with a more masculine theme (with Father’s Day in mind), the same technique can be used for any occasion. You could even get kids busy with fabric markers and use their designs instead of fabric prints. How special¬†would a personalized set of coasters be? Very!IMG_2693




4 thoughts on “Father’s Day Coasters

  1. Oh Emma you would of lost that bet at this house but maybe for Christmas we have no Dads and since we have no children do not celebrate Father’s Day or Mother’s Day at out house but I love coasters and the fabric you have is perfect!

  2. I’m willing to admit defeat Michelle :o)
    You could however, use this idea for so many different occasions! Or for no reason at all! Every day is worth a celebration really, isn’t it?

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