DIY Mixed Media Elements

IMG_9067I’ve never considered myself an artist in the traditional sense (nor in the non-traditional sense either, for that matter) and I’ve certainly never experimented much with paint since I was a child. And though I’ve always made things, I’ve never been able to draw or paint anything, much to my disappointment. However, I’ve recently adopted a ‘just try it!’ attitude to most things. I’m also trying not to be too critical on myself. I guess it is the same way with most of us, but we often judge ourselves more harshly than we do others. IMG_9075I found these little cards I painted a few months ago, when I was tidying up my craft room this week. I remembered I had really enjoyed making them, thinking they’d be useful to cut or punch into shapes to use as background elements to cards or other paper projects. I even took photos of the process, hoping to share them with you at some point. Then, I must have had second thoughts and deleted the photos, thinking they weren’t good enough and that perhaps it wasn’t such a great idea after all. Maybe they just looked a little messy and too haphazard. Maybe I shouldn’t be allowed near a paintbrush at all!

However, when I spied the little set of cards again this week, I took a second look at them and realized I kind of really like them. I also remembered how much I loved making them, and if I enjoyed it so much, maybe one or two of you would too. I fished around my trash photo folder (which is completely full – I wonder if that’s why my computer is so slow!?!?), restored the photos and here I am sharing them with you today and being kinder on myself and not judging my work so harshly :-)

I think the photos are self-explanatory, but what I really like about using a set of individual cards rather than one large sheet, is that no two are alike. They end up being a matching set, with similar colors and style, since they were all made on the same day, but they are also all separate and different in their own unique ways.mm1 CollageThe white is gesso that I smeared on with a painter’s knife and they stencils are by Prima.mm2 CollageI’ve yet to use these cards to make something, but that’ll be my WIP for the day I suppose.

This experience reminds me of a phrase that I spotted on a Fisakteers FB page this week that really resonated with me, and I’ll share it here too. Do yourself and favor and carry it along with you today.Be Gentle

2 thoughts on “DIY Mixed Media Elements

  1. I love them Emma both your little cards which indeed will be great little works of art and the saying! Thinking I might have to play and make some little cards to use on a later date too!

  2. DGD and I have been doing this very thing this morning. I’ve really been wanting to try mixed media again. We each covered a 12 x 12 with gesso. While it dried, we made two batches of olallieberry jam. :o) Then we roughly drew rainbows with some cheap kids’ gel crayons, sprayed that with water and smeared it around with our fingers. We are waiting for that to dry now. Lots more layers to go! A fun mess!

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