Bench makeover #2

I have given the bench in our entryway a makeover once before. It was a bench I picked up for free at our city’s recycle/reuse program and when I got it, it looked quite sorry for itself. I removed the old seat fabric and replaced it with a colorful printed canvas and after a good soapy wash, I painted the wooden frame. We have loved it and used it, but it was time for a new, fresh look. Here’s the before and after picture from the first time around….benchcollage Continue reading

Leftover Stickers Turned Into A Focal Point


Over the summer I shared a way to use a random assortment of leftover stickers to create a background in a mixed media project. Today, I have another idea for leftover stickers, but this time they are all from the same sticker sheet.

These particular stickers were much smaller than I normally use, so I didn’t see myself using them all that often, plus they weren’t incredibly sticky. You know the type….the ones you stick down and before you’re even done with your layout they are all lifting up. So frustrating, isn’t it!? For some reason or another they have low-tack adhesive on them and I’m not a fan of having to put more adhesive on the back of something that should already be sticky, so instead I try to be resourceful and make the most of it.

That’s exactly what I’ve done here.

I took all those leftover, low-tack stickers that I didn’t plan on using again and instead of throwing them in File 13 I chose to turn them into a tree. But, but, but……they aren’t sticky? Why would you do that? I hear you, loud and clear. :)

Here’s how I solved that little issue. After arranging them into the outline of a tree with branches, I took it over to my sewing machine to add random stitching all over the design with brown thread. This not only helped hold them down, it also gave the design much more definition and dimension. Then, I used brads and the centers of the alphabets (you know, the centers of the a, b, d, g, o, p, q letters) from another set of stickers to add fall-colored leaves to the my custom tree.

Cute, eh?

I hope to have you looking at your alphabet stickers that may have low-tack to them, or just the ones that have been collecting dust in a whole new way.

If you have plenty of those stickers around, but they aren’t the right color, consider changing up the color. You can mist them, paint a few thin coats of craft paint over top, or even spray paint them. Once they dry you’ll be ready to use them and turn them into a one-of-a-kind embellishment!

Are you up for the challenge of using up some of your leftover stickers this week? I’d love to see your attempts flood the gallery.