Tag Maker Banner

IMG_8924I’m sure you’ve seen the new Tag Maker punches which enable you to create handmade tags easily and quickly. They even feature a centered hole punch and eyelet setter – all in the same tool! As I’m sure you are aware, tags can be used for so many purposes beyond gift packaging labels. Check out the gallery of projects over at for more ideas on how to use your tags.

For this Halloween banner, I used the Simple Tag Maker. I simply cut multiple tag shapes from colored and pattern card stock sheets and glued them together in layers with glue dots.IMG_8907IMG_8908Along the top edge I used a folded piece of card stock so that I could push a bamboo pole between the fold, for hanging.IMG_8916I used alpha stickers to spell out my sentiment and added a glittery finish with a golden strip of card stock stapled along the top edge. IMG_8920A banner like this makes a great indoor decorating statement. I’m off to work on the outside of my house now…





Black and white – cushion tutorial

I don’t know about you, but black and white is making me really happy at the moment. Perhaps it’s because it’s so bold and full of confidence…so ‘all or nothing’. I still love splashes of color – in my home, my work and my wardrobe – but black and white is just so simple and straightforward. What do you think?

If you’re loving it as much as I am, I made a Black and White Pinterest board you might like to check out.

I’ve had a large chevron rug in my dining room for a while now, plus some white chairs by the patio doors, so I felt it was time to up and black and white levels a touch more with a set of new cushions.


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