Mini apple pies

IMG_6688Ok, this Make It Monday project might seem a little random, but stick with me and the reason for my sharing will become clearer!

I know I’m going to get a lot of use out of these tiny glass canning jars I recently bought, but the first thing I made with them, was these. Mini apple pies!!??? Yes please! Things in miniature have always appealed to me and miniature apple pies tick all the right boxes. They are easy to make, cute to look at AND you can eat them up in one go without feeling guilty.

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No Touch Blade Change Tool

To be able to change the blade on your rotary cutter without actually having to touch said blade, is a real treat. Those sharp edges give me the heebeegeebees! (And I haven’t even told you about how accident prone I am – my husband despairs of my tendency  to drop cups, smash glasses, stub my toe or cut myself with knives. It’s kind of ironic I work with scissors!) The other great thing about this No Touch Blade Change Tool, is that you have somewhere safe to store the old blades. I never like to just throw them in the trash – that seems very unfair to any workers sorting the garbage, so I just throw them into a drawer and risk life, limb and fingers every time I reach into that drawer to retrieve something.

I’ve made a little video on how to change the blade on the Rotary Cutter and Ruler Combo with the No Touch Blade Change Tool.




Amplify shears to the test!

Amplify shears

Just in case you were in any doubt about how wonderful the Amplify Shears are (I’m sure you aren’t, but it is nice to show off a little more about what exactly they can cut!) I thought I’d share a project I made back in the summer that was a guest post for Stampington & Company. (It was part of a promotion and they were running a contest to win the shears – the contest is no longer current).

I find myself reaching for the Amplify shears time and again; not only can I rely on them to cut just about anything, they also save my regular shears from extreme use!

I made these little bookmarks by cutting birch plywood (available from craft stores) and 20 guage wire with my Amplify shears. I really enjoyed trying to bend the wire to make the words. I have to admit it was pretty tricky at first (one of those things you think is going to be much easier than it is!) but I was quite happy with my finished results.

Here’s the link to the full project.

Who has the Amplify Shears? What thick fabrics or matierials have you enjoyed making light work of, with them?

Turkey Punch Art


With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, it only feels natural to want to express our gratitude to those who help make our world go round. Yes?

This year, I’m thanking friends and family with these mixed-media cards featuring a delightful little paper pieced turkey using layers of basic punched shapes using a variety of my Fiskars punches.

First, punch both scalloped circles and regular circles, in graduating sizes, making sure that the colors of each layer contrast with one another. It’s also fun to mix up the textures and finishes of the papers you use. For example, maybe mix in some cork paper for the texture and a bit of metallic cardstock for the shine.

For my turkey, the shapes I used from largest to smallest are:

  • Circle Lever Punch 4XL
  • Pretty Scallops Lever Punch 4XL
  • Circle Lever Punch 3XL
  • Pretty Scallops Lever Punch XXL
  • Round ‘N Round Squeeze Punch XL
  • Round ‘N Round Squeeze Punch Large
If you don’t have these exact sizes, get creative in layering the shapes that you do have on hand. Graduated hexagons would make an adorable graphic mod turkey too! It’s a darling way to celebrate the season and embellish those cards we like to gift expressing our utmost gratitude. It’s even more fun when you can pull out some fun and funky colored cardstock to create your little turkey masterpieces, don’t you think!?

You can see the full tutorial and the completed card on by clicking HERE.

How many of you send Thanksgiving cards?