Making a pattern – the paper rub-off method

IMG_1064I recently tried out a patternmaking method as outlined in the book : Patternmaking for a perfect fit by Steffani Linecum. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t have any formal education or qualifications in sewing, what I know I’ve taught myself, picked up along the way and learnt from books and blogs. And as much as I wish it wasn’t true, I’ve made PLENTY of mistakes too. IMG_1074So I really appreciate it when I find a good book that gently guides someone like me through a new sewing adventure. Whilst this book really takes the more experienced seamstress to the next level of sewing – patternmaking – it speaks in simple terms in a language easy to understand.

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Using a letterpress plate as a stamp

letterpress plate as a stampI hope you all had a wonderful, magical Thanksgiving. Not growing up celebrating Thanksgiving, it still feels new to me (we’ve lived here 9 years) but It’s turning out to be my favorite holiday of the year. But now I’m moving on to my second favorite – Chritsmas! I don’t have any Christmas decorations up yet, and we probably won’t have our tree up for a few more weeks. We’ve been having some construction work done on our house (well, re-construction work, after a truck drove INTO the front wall of the house back in October!) and we can’t put the tree up in that room until the work is finished….


I’ve been doing a lot of sewing (mostly for Tegenn – lucky girl!) and this week I decided to make my own festive fabric to sew in to a skirt for her. I wanted to share a technique for printing snowflakes on fabric.

I used the Snowflake Medium Design Set for the Fuse and used only the letterpress plates, not the actual die. With a glue dot, I ahdered the plate to an acrylic stamp block. This became my stamp. To carefully cover the letterpress plate with fabric paint, I wiped over it with a sponge brush dipped in paint. The secret here is to NOT wipe on too much paint. Too much paint = mess!

After a few practice goes on scrap fabric, I was ready to print snowflakes onto my fabric. I used white paint on red fabric and I think it looks lovely! Of course, you could use the same technique to stamp on to anything – cardstock, furniture, windows….Wouldn’t a window look pretty stamped with snowflakes?! (Using wipe-clean paint, of course).

I have another technique for printing on fabric using this same die, that I’ll be sharing soon too. Have you used your letterpress plates in different ways? I’d love to hear about them!