CHALLENGE: November Click.Click. Take a Pic!


It’s just 12 days away from our November Photo Challenge Deadline. Are you picking up your camera and taking photos? Fiskateer Patty Williams has been doing an excellent job rallying participants and keeping them talking over on the message board. If you are interested in joining all you need is a camera. :)

The guidelines are simple……

From the 1st of the month through the 25th of the month, take 25 photos. You can take one photo a day or take all 25 on the same day, that’s completely up to you.

Once the 25th rolls around, narrow your 25 down to your 5 favorites and post them to the gallery!

Simple as that!

I’ve been taking mine and so far the one you see above is my absolute favorite. Love those little girls something fierce.

Who’s taking pictures in November?