Mixed Media

DIY Mixed Media Elements

IMG_9067I’ve never considered myself an artist in the traditional sense (nor in the non-traditional sense either, for that matter) and I’ve certainly never experimented much with paint since I was a child. And though I’ve always made things, I’ve never been able to draw or paint anything, much to my disappointment. However, I’ve recently adopted a ‘just try it!’ attitude to most things. I’m also trying not to be too critical on myself. I guess it is the same way with most of us, but we often judge ourselves more harshly than we do others. IMG_9075I found these little cards I painted a few months ago, when I was tidying up my craft room this week. I remembered I had really enjoyed making them, thinking they’d be useful to cut or punch into shapes to use as background elements to cards or other paper projects. I even took photos of the process, hoping to share them with you at some point. Then, I must have had second thoughts and deleted the photos, thinking they weren’t good enough and that perhaps it wasn’t such a great idea after all. Maybe they just looked a little messy and too haphazard. Maybe I shouldn’t be allowed near a paintbrush at all!

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Mixed media journal

IMG_8724 After my post earlier this week about recording and storing little snippets of ideas and inspiration, I decided to get working on a journal that I could slip in to my bag and carry around with me. I took a regular composition notebook (found for .50 cents – thank you Target!) and spent a pleasant evening with a pile of old magazines, paint pots, a variety of tapes and other supplies.IMG_8725

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CHA Roundup

Last week was buuuusy! The Fiskars booth was buzzing with crafts, demos and giveaway activities.

First, the Fiskars booth looked simply stunning! One half of the booth was the ‘craft room’ set up with plenty of orange handled tools, inspiration boards, different materials, textiles and art work. The other half (the side shown in the photo below) depicted the ‘home’ – filled with lots of gorgeous handmade items. Much of the work in this room was created by Fiskars designer Smitha Katti. See that gorgeous mixed media canvas above the fireplace? Beautiful! Here’s how to make your own!IMG_1920  Continue reading

Gearing up for CHA

CHA starts this weekend, and all anyone unfamiliar with the event needs to know is that it’s the biggest annual get-together in the craft world calendar. Industry professionals gather for new products launches, peeks at new lines, workshops, education and so much more. Sure, there’s a fair amount of chit chat and socializing, making connections, meeting new people and finding old friends, but my over-riding memory of the show is the oohs and aahs I hear over fabulous creations on display which have been made by design teams and professional crafters.

Today I’m sharing a peek at some of the creations that will be on display in the Fiskars booth (booth #1000 – stop by and say hello if you’re attending).


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