Cat party dress

IMG_1477 Ever since I made my first Oliver and S Fairy Tale dress, I’ve wanted to make another one. It’s a beautiful, little girl’s dress pattern with classic style, the perfect amount of pouffiness in the skirt and a gorgeous little peter pan collar. Last time I made the dress I sewed up the size 6. This time I sewed size 8. Boo hoo! My baby is growing up! Tegenn is a few months away from being 8, but still…

I used a Linda Jane Smith design for Robert Kaufman from a collection called Whiskers and Tails and a light blue Kona cotton for the waistband and collar.

A little history about how this dress came about….

Tegenn loves cats. And I don’t mean pet cats, I mean CATS, the musical. You know, the Rum Tum Tugger. Mr Mistoffelees. Mungo Jerry and Rumpleteazer….When I say she loves it, I mean she really, really loves it! She listens to the music from the show continually (by now, the WHOLE family knows all the words to all the songs), sings along, dances her own performances and reads the book of poems by T. S Eliot the musical is based on. After scouring local theater schedules for years, and waiting for the show to come to a town near us, I finally booked tickets last year and we gave her the show tickets for a Christmas gift. To say she was excited, is an understatement!IMG_1483Sadly for her, she has had to wait a further 5 months for the show date to come around, but guess what?!! There’s only a few more days to go! We are all off as a family this Sunday to see Cats with her! It’ll be a true Mother’s Day gift for me to see one of my children’s dreams come true – and I have to say, we’re all excited about it, not just Tegenn. Though it’s fair to say that she’s probably a bit more excited than the rest of us!

So of course, she needed a new and appropriately- themed dress to wear to attend the performance…IMG_1494


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  1. Oh Emma I adore Cats sing the songs and have seen it a few times on stage live had I been paying attention I might of went again!

    She will be in awe of the live show and I too am picturing her face light up at the magic of it all!

    The dress is perfect for the show! I hope your family has an unforgettable day!

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