Black and white – cushion tutorial

I don’t know about you, but black and white is making me really happy at the moment. Perhaps it’s because it’s so bold and full of confidence…so ‘all or nothing’. I still love splashes of color – in my home, my work and my wardrobe – but black and white is just so simple and straightforward. What do you think?

If you’re loving it as much as I am, I made a Black and White Pinterest board you might like to check out.

I’ve had a large chevron rug in my dining room for a while now, plus some white chairs by the patio doors, so I felt it was time to up and black and white levels a touch more with a set of new cushions.


And here’s how to make your own!

Supply List
1/2 yard Home dec weight fabric (more if you’re going to make more than one of these)
1 x 14″ pillow insert (for each pillow)
1 package of black piping (for each pillow)
1 invisible zipper at least 16″ long (for each pillow)

Difficulty rating
Intermediate – this project assumes you know how to sew and invisible zipper.

1. For each cushion, cut one piece of fabric for the front, measuring 15″ x 15″. For the back, cut two pieces of fabric each measuring 15″ x 8″.IMG_6701

2. Pin black piping around the perimeter of the cushion front(s) so that the raw edges of the piping match up with the raw edges of the fabric. Sew piping to cushion.IMG_6704

3. Pin the right side of one side of the invisible zipper to the right side of one of the cushion back pieces, along one long edge and sew.IMG_6705

4. Repeat for the opposite side of the invisible zipper and second back cushion piece.IMG_6708

5. Pin the cushion backs to the cushion front with right sides facing. Open the zipper half way, and sew around the perimeter, sandwiching the piping between the layers of fabric.

6. Trim the zipper, clip the corners and turn the cushions to the right side. Insert the pillow forms to finish.

5 thoughts on “Black and white – cushion tutorial

  1. I love the pillows! But what I am REALLY looking for is the all-Fuse-all-the-time site. I love my machine, but really want to know if new shapes were shown at CHA, and am also looking for a handy reference chart I could use to see which dies go with which expansion packs, since some cross over. Sure, I could buy them ALL and just figure it out… :) Thanks for any tips or info!

    1. Hi Dora, thank you so much for your comment. There weren’t any new Fuse dies at CHA this year. The newest release was the hexagon die back in September. Here’s a link to all the Fuse projects that have been created by the Fiskars’ Design Team for the corporate website, in case you haven’t already checked it out. It’s likely to keep you busy for a while! And to answer your second question, you know, I don’t think there is a reference chart to say which letterpress plates might work with other dies, but I’ll double-check for you. I DO know that you can use the circle letterpress plates in the scallop circle die, but I’m sure you’d want a more comprehensive list than that! ~Emma

  2. Thanks Emma! This is so VERY easy. I have some great retro fabric I got as a gift awhile back. I knew I wanted to make pillows from them for gifts, but haven’t taken the time to find an easy pillow sewing method. Have all the supplies I need to make it so hopefully I will create them soon because now I have your easy method. Thanks again!!!

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