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New Year’s Eve Crackers

IMG_6197Crackers are a quintessential British Christmas tradition – no Christmas dinner would be complete without a cracker laid at each person’s place setting. They are pulled open by crossing arms around the table and each person holding an end of a cracker in each hand. Everyone pulls at the same time and snap! they explode open to reveal a tissue paper hat (typically too big for children – almost everyone has a toddler photo of themselves in an oversize Christmas hat, falling down over one eye), a joke and a toy. We wear the hats for the duration of the Christmas dinner without shame or embarrassment, even though to the outsider they might look a little ridiculous…

For your entertainment, here’s a picture of me circa 1979 – I’m the baby in the highchair! It’s ok, feel free to giggle!

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Snowflake skirt – Using the Fuse dies in a different way

IMG_5625Making your own fabric design is easy and cute (not to mention, ever-so-slightly addictive!) I used the Fuse Creativity System and the snowflake die in two different ways to embellish this skirt I made for my daughter.

First, I used the letterpress plates as stamps by sticking a foam glue dot to an acrylic block and onto the back of the plate. This creates a handle for you to hold. I lightly brushed white fabric paint onto the letterpress plate with a sponge brush and stamped it on to my fabric.

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3 Dimensional Ornaments

IMG_6106Have a little spare time on your hands this week!?!?? Perhaps you need a quick craft to keep the children occupied whilst you’re busy? Maybe you’re in the mood to make a few ornaments whilst sipping a glass of warmed mulled wine by the fire? Did I set the scene??

How about trying out these 3 dimensional ornaments. They’re made with 20 punched circles – circles of any size as long as all 20 are the same size and by switching up the color scheme, you’re bound to make something beautiful for your home.

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