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Turkey Punch Art


With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, it only feels natural to want to express our gratitude to those who help make our world go round. Yes?

This year, I’m thanking friends and family with these mixed-media cards featuring a delightful little paper pieced turkey using layers of basic punched shapes using a variety of my Fiskars punches.

First, punch both scalloped circles and regular circles, in graduating sizes, making sure that the colors of each layer contrast with one another. It’s also fun to mix up the textures and finishes of the papers you use. For example, maybe mix in some cork paper for the texture and a bit of metallic cardstock for the shine.

For my turkey, the shapes I used from largest to smallest are:

  • Circle Lever Punch 4XL
  • Pretty Scallops Lever Punch 4XL
  • Circle Lever Punch 3XL
  • Pretty Scallops Lever Punch XXL
  • Round ‘N Round Squeeze Punch XL
  • Round ‘N Round Squeeze Punch Large
If you don’t have these exact sizes, get creative in layering the shapes that you do have on hand. Graduated hexagons would make an adorable graphic mod turkey too! It’s a darling way to celebrate the season and embellish those cards we like to gift expressing our utmost gratitude. It’s even more fun when you can pull out some fun and funky colored cardstock to create your little turkey masterpieces, don’t you think!?

You can see the full tutorial and the completed card on by clicking HERE.

How many of you send Thanksgiving cards?

Christmas Countdown


I know, I know….it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet and I’m already talking about Christmas!

I’m one of those that likes to truly savor and celebrate Thanksgiving before even thinking about Christmas, but this year Thanksgiving is so late thanks to Nov 1st being on a Friday. That, coupled with a birthday celebration and a vacation tucked in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, has me just a wee bit concerned about how I will accomplish a stress-free holiday.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to document our December this year. Since the girls were little I’ve made countdown calendars. Some were socks clipped to a ribbon with a simple punched/stamped countdown number, some have been altered drawers elaborately embellished, and other just an envelope system. We’ve been so focused on our countdown to vacation that we haven’t even thought about our countdown to Christmas. There’s only 10 days between our return and Christmas Day. Mini countdown, maybe?

I’ve never really documented much of the countdown itself or even scrapbooked more than two of our Christmas photos. Something about Christmas gatherings and birthdays have me perplexed in the documenting department.

As you see above, one year, I did actually duplicate our advent countdown activities onto a layout using simple punched circles and scallop embellished text strips. As busy as it looks, it is still one of my absolute favorite layouts because of the memories it conjures up. I really do need to dig out photos from years past and get them on a layout.

Tell me about your own holiday crafting and memory documenting….I’d love to hear. I need the inspiration, desperately!

CHALLENGE: November Click.Click. Take a Pic!


It’s just 12 days away from our November Photo Challenge Deadline. Are you picking up your camera and taking photos? Fiskateer Patty Williams has been doing an excellent job rallying participants and keeping them talking over on the message board. If you are interested in joining all you need is a camera. :)

The guidelines are simple……

From the 1st of the month through the 25th of the month, take 25 photos. You can take one photo a day or take all 25 on the same day, that’s completely up to you.

Once the 25th rolls around, narrow your 25 down to your 5 favorites and post them to the gallery!

Simple as that!

I’ve been taking mine and so far the one you see above is my absolute favorite. Love those little girls something fierce.

Who’s taking pictures in November?

Fall cushions – thank you Fuse mini dies!


(My alternative title for this post would be – Would seamstresses should be using a Fuse, if they’re not already!)

Who is decorating for Fall? I am usually fairly minimal in my decor, but I needed a couple of new cushions for two chairs in our dining room, so recently I sewed these little darlings.

I’ve been using my Fuse dies increasingly for making fabric appliques and I couldn’t resist using the mini dies to make these flower designs. The fabric is linen – a rich burgandy red for the main fabric and a bright white for the contrasting appliques. Not traditionally a fall look, I know, but I love the stark contrast between the two colors – it suits my less mainstream style!

I simply applied fabric bond to the back of the white linen and ran it through the Fuse, cutting the flowers (from the Flower and Petunia mini design sets). I then applied the flowers in my required design to the front of my cushion piece with an iron.

To give a really beautiful finish to the appliques, I ran a satin stitch all the way around the outside. If you’re new to sewing appliuqes, I recommend using a thread the same color as your applique (this will make any little mistakes almost invisible!) and to move slowly around each shape.

Before sewing my cushion pieces together, I added a white piping around the edge to compliment the white of the applique designs. I finished the back of the cushions with an invisible zipper.

I’m now looking at all my Fuse dies in a completely different way. There’s so much potential here for creating/sewing some beautiful pieces. I can’t wait to get working on my next idea!