Tag Maker Banner

IMG_8924I’m sure you’ve seen the new Tag Maker punches which enable you to create handmade tags easily and quickly. They even feature a centered hole punch and eyelet setter – all in the same tool! As I’m sure you are aware, tags can be used for so many purposes beyond gift packaging labels. Check out the gallery of projects over at Fiskars.com for more ideas on how to use your tags.

For this Halloween banner, I used the Simple Tag Maker. I simply cut multiple tag shapes from colored and pattern card stock sheets and glued them together in layers with glue dots.IMG_8907IMG_8908Along the top edge I used a folded piece of card stock so that I could push a bamboo pole between the fold, for hanging.IMG_8916I used alpha stickers to spell out my sentiment and added a glittery finish with a golden strip of card stock stapled along the top edge. IMG_8920A banner like this makes a great indoor decorating statement. I’m off to work on the outside of my house now…





Geometric Felt Coasters

I’m still more than a little bit in love with the whole geometric trend. It’s such a strong, bold look and can be used in so many different ways. I was recently inspired by these modular coasters, spotted on the Purl Bee website and there’s always a place for new coasters in my home! I wanted to give mine a more autumnal feel, using a mix of rich berry and oranges.IMG_6926I made a few changes from the original coasters, which were stitched up by hand. For the sake of speed and efficiency, I used a zig zag stitch on my machine for all the inside seams. After cutting out felt squares measuring 4.75″ on each side, I then cut smaller squares and triangles and arranged them in position on a piece of white wool felt.IMG_6912

IMG_6916After stitching them all together, I placed a second colorful square on the back and sewed around the entire perimeter with a straight stitch. This creates an extra thickness that I feel the coasters need, but I also love the pop of color! I made each backing square a different color just for fun.IMG_6920To finish, I trimmed up the edges with my 8″ Amplify Mixed Media Shears to give each coaster nice straight edges and even seams, and immediately put them to use!IMG_6947



Reusable lunch bags

We are coming to the last few days of summer vacation, and I must admit I’m feeling nostalgic for the days when we still had a long, hot summer ahead of us. I think the kids are, in some ways, starting to feel ready to get back to school, but I’m feeling a little sad! To keep myself occupied, I’m trying to craft my way to school preparedness, starting with this vinyl, reusable lunch bag.IMG_6190I used this pattern by Pretty Prudent, with a couple of modifications. Firstly, I used a vinyl material with a wipedown wrong side. A quick rinse under a tap should keep this lunch bag clean inside and out. Second, I used Velcro for the seal, instead of a button or tie. Velcro is so easy for small fingers to manage, and I really like how you can roll down the top edges to make a neat closure and avoid spillages.

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Summer sewing

IMG_3453 You might recognize this little playsuit as the same pattern I used here. It’s the completely adorable free playsuit pattern by Elegance and Elephants. This time, I used an unknown, super lightweight fabric with this tiny ditsy print. To recap, the pattern has some very lovely details, such as the pleat at the center front…IMG_3461 …and the super comfy elasticated waist.IMG_3463 And of course, who doesn’t LOVE pockets in their clothes?! I know my daughter does!IMG_3465We’re in the middle of a hot, sandy summer here. It’s nice to squeeze in a sewing project or two. What have you been working on lately?